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There is nothing quite as unsettling for homeowners in Cashmere, WA as having their furnace or AC break down when they need it most. Finding reliable service in a hurry is a must and why you should call Patriot Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. right away.

We have created a reputation for providing timely and affordable furnace and AC repair and replacement. Our technicians will always look for the least expensive option, and our flat rate pricing model means you’ll never have to worry about being overcharged. When we show up at your door to take care of your heating or cooling problem, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll get the best solution possible.

  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • AC Filter Replacements
  • UV Air Sanitizers
  • Evaporator Coil Services
  • Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Installation

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Professional Heating Solutions

Residents living in Cashmere, WA need to know that if they have a furnace issue, a quick and practical solution is close at hand. Losing heat on a cold winter night could jeopardize your family and your home, so it’s crucial to have access to a heating company you can trust. We provide reliable furnace repair and furnace replacement services that will keep your heating system running well all winter long.

You can also schedule regular furnace maintenance before the cold weather hits, to ensure you won’t have any issues when you need your heating system the most. One of our technicians will come out and inspect your furnace, change the filter, and fix any minor issues before they have a chance to turn into something serious.

Is It Time for a New AC System?

The last thing any homeowner wants is to have to keep calling for AC repair during the summer. Not only is it time consuming, but the repair bills can also add up in a hurry. If we come to your home to inspect your AC and find that it’s time for an AC replacement, then you can be certain it is the most efficient and effective solution available. We will always opt for AC repair before suggesting a new air conditioner, but sometimes a new, energy-efficient unit just makes sense.

If your AC system has been working away for more than 10 years, and you keep encountering problems, then switching to a new one will actually help to save on your monthly bills. It will also improve the air quality in your home and give you peace of mind knowing that you’ll have cool air whenever you need it.

Has your AC been giving you trouble? Don’t wait - contact us to restore the comfort to your home ASAP.

When you need to get in touch with heating and cooling contractors you can trust, call Patriot Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. at 509-662-6262. We provide reliable furnace and AC services in Cashmere, WA and the surrounding area.