3 Steps To Avoid Scary Plumbing Emergencies This Fall

Don’t Be Haunted by a Plumbing Emergency 

Plumbing is central to a comfortable home. The shower, toilet, dishwasher, and laundry all rely on a sound plumbing system. A burst pipe or malfunctioning system could be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. As the weather turns colder, it’s important to take a few steps to avoid any costly plumbing emergencies. 

It may seem like a home’s plumbing system is working flawlessly, but it’s still important to maintain regular upkeep to avoid any disasters. Here are three steps to avoid costly plumbing emergencies. 

Keep Gutters Debris Free


It’s not the most fun housekeeping job around, but it is very important for regular upkeep. After any relatively big wind or rainstorm, homeowners should take a look at their gutters and make sure no leaves or debris are present. It is absolutely imperative to clean gutters after leaves fall and before the first snowfall if a homeowner lives in a cold climate. If homeowners neglect this task, it can lead to rotten boards, peeling paint, or larger plumbing-related issues. 

If a homeowner opts to do it themselves, the best way to clean the gutters is grabbing a ladder, a garden trowel to scoop the debris out, and some gloves. It may be tedious and unpleasant, but the homeowner needs to make sure all parts of the gutters are cleared out and hosed down when the cleaning is completed. 

Protect Your Pipes From the Cold

Oftentimes, homeowners will talk about keeping the heat at a certain temperature to avoid frozen pipes during the winter. This is true, but insulating pipes can assist in preventing frozen pipes. This is a popular tactic for homeowners with pipes in the attic, basement, or anywhere that is otherwise less insulated; however, it can assist pipes anywhere throughout the house.


The most popular type of pipe insulation is foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves. This insulation helps the pipe stay closer to the temperature of the water and not the air around the pipe, but it will not completely prevent frozen pipes. When pipes freeze, they expand and put pressure on the pipes, which can lead to a burst and a hefty bill from the plumber or expensive renovation costs.  

Remember Routine Drain Cleaning 

Another important thing for homeowners to consider is how often they get their pipes cleaned. It’s recommended that a professional clean a homeowner’s pipes every year to prevent future issues and enjoy the benefits. A clean drain means fewer bad odors, a longer drain life, and faster draining.

If pipes aren’t cleaned frequently, bigger and more expensive issues may arise. A professional can monitor the age of the pipes during their regular cleanings, ensure no pipes overflow, and make sure no pipes get blocked from backup. It’s crucial for homeowners to have a reliable, local plumber to trust with regular maintenance.  

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