When to Schedule Evaporator Coil Cleaning

Signs You Need Professional Evaporator Coil Cleaning

A common complaint HVAC contractors hear from homeowners is that their air conditioner is running, but the house is not cooling down. This, along with other signs, can signal that the evaporator coil needs to be cleaned or serviced. The evaporator coil lets air conditioners remove hot air from a house and disperse cold air throughout the property. If it’s not working correctly or is dirty, the home may not be able to cool to the setting on the thermostat. 

Property owners should schedule evaporator coil cleaning services if they notice their HVAC is not correctly cooling their house, frost on the coil, or if the air conditioner is running longer than usual to cool the home properly.

Inadequate Cooling 

hotOne of the first symptoms homeowners may notice that can indicate a dirty evaporator coil is if the house seems warmer than it should be. If the air conditioning system fails to cool the home, homeowners might start adjusting the thermostat or fear that there’s a major issue with the air conditioner. However, this could be due to dirty AC coils. 

AC evaporator coils can fail to correctly cool a house if there is frost or ice on the coil, if it’s corroding or damaged, or if there is dust, dirt, or debris built up on it. Homes can also fail to reach the proper temperature if there is a refrigerant leak from the coils. If homeowners notice this symptom, they should call an AC contractor to inspect the system and perform evaporator coil services if needed.

Frost or Frozen Coils

frostIf frost builds up on an evaporator coil or they are completely frozen, it can require professional coil cleaning services to remove it. Frozen evaporator coils can occur when they get dirty, preventing them from getting the airflow they need to function. The frost must be eliminated and the coils cleaned for an AC unit to work right and cool a home. 

The frost will prevent the evaporator coil – and the air conditioner – from working correctly, as it will prevent air from properly flowing through the component. Frozen evaporator coils can also occur if there is a clogged and dirty air filter or a refrigerant leak. 

The AC Cycles Are Longer

Another sign homeowners might notice that can indicate the evaporator coil needs to be cleaned is if the air conditioner runs longer than usual or is necessary without turning off. These longer cycles can cause the AC unit to overwork itself, producing higher energy bills. 

A dirty evaporator coil can prevent an air conditioner from turning off sooner by hindering the unit’s ability to correctly cool a house due to frost, dirt, dust, or other debris build-ups. It can also run longer if there is an issue in the heat exchange process or a malfunctioning thermostat sensor that prevents the AC from knowing when to turn off. Homeowners should contact a professional to determine if coil cleaning or services are needed if they notice these issues. 

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