The Right Time To Upgrade the Electrical Panel

Upgrading the Electrical Panel

Like the HVAC unit and hot water heater, electrical panels often go unnoticed unless they stop working. Electrical panels, however, should be checked from time to time. If homeowners wait until these panels are screaming for attention, they could have a significant problem on their hands. It’s important to replace them when they’re ready, not when they demand it, to avoid any disasters.

Upgrade If They Notice Faulty Wiring

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Faulty wiring is one of the most dangerous elements that warrant the replacement of the electrical panel. Suppose that wiring is sparking, misfiring, or not turning on the appliances. In that case, homeowners need to immediately shut off the electricity to the house and fix their electrical panel. When they fix the panel, they’ll be able to change the wiring simultaneously and ensure a safe and functional job.

Faulty wiring can cause sparks to occur behind the panel and create a fire that starts inside the home walls. By replacing the panel, homeowners address the faulty wiring and ensure everything is up to code. The best way to go about this is to contact a professional, as these replacementscan be dangerous.

Upgrade When Installing New Appliances

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If they have older electrical panels in the home, it’s good to keep in mind that they were installed to handle appliances requiring a certain amount of electricity. As homes are upgraded or remodeled and new appliances are created, homeowners could benefit from upgrading their electrical panel. This way, newer appliances won’t have an issue integrating with the electrical system, and the panel will handle it. 

No one wants a panel dealing with a surplus of power and constantly throwing the breaker. The one way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is by upgrading the electrical panel to handle the greater degrees of power required by newer appliances.

In general, homeowners need to plan on replacing the electrical panel every 25-40 years on average to keep up with their house’s needs. If they’re moving into a home or currently live in one with a panel of this age, it would be a good idea to replace it before they start running into problems.

Upgrade When Adding Circuit Breakers

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Circuit breakers function as a way to keep the home safe while using electricity. If homeowners have an electrical current that gets too high, the circuit breaker will trip, preventing electricity from flowing to their home. It’s a safety feature that they can’t live without.

If they find themselves installing or adding circuit breakers to the panel, it could be good to upgrade the entire panel instead. By upgrading the panel, homeowners provide their homes with the ability to access the energy flow they need without causing circuits to trip or appliances to cease working. 

An upgraded panel is key to enjoying a house with all the electricity homeowners need daily.

Local, Expert Electricians

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How to Tell If Your Local Electrician Is the Right Choice

Tips for Finding “Electricians Near Me”

When you have an electrical problem, chances are you want to have it taken care of right away. Unfortunately, the “ electrician near me” search is not always going to bring up the most reputable company around. When it comes to your electrical system, you want to make sure that you’re working with a technician that is experienced, safe, and has the know-how to perform the repairs accurately.

In the information below, electrical contractors share some red flags you should keep an eye out for when searching for an electrician. They will give you a better understanding of the things you should consider before hiring a service technician, after all nobody wants to have to deal with an electrical fire!

Do They Have Safety Equipment?

red flagThe most important aspect of electrical work is safety. If the company is listed as “not safety equipped” you should forego this particular company. Also, you want to keep an eye out for other signs such as the technician not wearing the appropriate gear such as goggles, gloves, and protective headwear.

Another thing you want to be on the lookout for is the incorporation of electrical safety procedures within your technician’s work habits. For example, if your electrician is rushing around and not paying attention to their environment, they are not being safe and could potentially cause some dangerous situations. Overall, you want to make sure that your home and family are in safe hands.

How’s Their Customer Service?

Customer service is another important feature that you want to be on the lookout for. A reputable company will provide excellent service to all of its clients. Not only will they be organized, but they will be able to assist you in probably an answer all of your questions in a knowledgeable manner.

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An electrician that is courteous to their clients is guided by the proper ethics of business. This is a guiding light of all professional services and should always be apparent in the company that you hire. This will also be shown in the small are aspects of service such as returning calls probably, answering questions, and showing up to appointments on time. If they have terrible online reviews and aren’t even helping out on the phone, it’s likely an electrical service company you might want to avoid.

Do They Reschedule Often?

frustrated personConstant rescheduling of appointments is also another red flag. This indicates that the company is not only disorganized, but they are also not prepared and have poor customer service. When it comes to electrical repairs, there is nothing more frustrating than having a technician miss an appointment.

This can be inconvenient for the homeowner, plus it can leave your home open to major damage. A proper electrician will be able to be prompt and on time for all scheduled assignments. They will be prepared with the proper materials and tools, and be able to answer all of your questions.

Not only that, but they will be able to repair your system without any hassle and provide quality solutions to the homeowner. If you are faced with consistent rescheduling, it is a major red flag and you should find another company that will be able to assist you promptly.

Your Local Electrician

At Patriot Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling Inc. they believe that every homeowner deserves reliable electrical services. They have been the trusted technicians in the Wenatchee, WA area, plus they are dedicated members of the community. Providing quality customer service and workmanship, they are available for all your electrical needs.

2019 Holiday Lights Done Right (Eco-Friendly Living)

Holiday Lights With Eco-Friendly Cheer

The holidays are officially upon us, and with the season comes a world of decorating, decor, and holiday lighting. It’s no doubt that these festive decorations add a warm glow and cheerful spirit to the season. But with so much of the decor using excess amounts of energy, it’s time to start thinking smarter and more eco-friendly.

It’s not impossible to decorate in a way that helps save the planet and your pocketbook. Read on for the best eco-friendly lighting tips that will also help save you money.

Festive LED Indoor Lights

led indoor lightsOne of the best ways to cut down on electricity use is by swapping out old Christmas bulbs for eco-friendly LED options. You can find LED lighting offered for any lighting need, from Christmas signage to twinkle lights for your windows to lightbulb strands for your trees. LED lighting has many benefits.

It’s safer than traditional bulbs because it puts out less heat, so if you have pets or little hands in your house, you won’t have to worry about them accidentally brushing up against your light strands.

LED lighting is also cost-effective as they use much less energy, saving you on electricity bills all season long. If you enjoy lighting up the inside of your house, swapping out your old bulbs for LED options is a great way to go.

Solar Powered Lights Work Too

During the holidays, outdoor lighting is especially needed. Whether you want to light up your driveway for your guests, line your walkway, or light up the side of your house to add some holiday cheer, lighting is an essential part of your decor. So how can you make your outdoor lighting eco-friendly? By using solar power lights.

solar powered lights

These lights will soak up light and energy from the sun during the day and will automatically power on during nighttime hours. Solar-powered lights are efficient, function, put out plenty of light during the night, and save you on your energy bills. Outdoor lighting alone can save you hundreds of dollars during the holiday. Solar-powered lighting can be purchased at most major retailers, making them affordable options to swap out for old plug-in options.

Go for a Rustic Look With Candles

led candlesA third method of making your holiday decor eco-friendly is by swapping out your wax candles for LED candles. These are safe alternatives, especially if you have pets or children. LED candles to eliminate the worry of wax getting spilled or someone getting burnt.

LED options are designed to look like real candles and even flicker, glow bright or dim depending on the setting. These come in every shape and size you might need from large round votives to tall and slender taper candles.

If you need outdoor-friendly options, some candles are produced to withstand the outside elements. Light Emitting Diode candles are a fantastic eco-friendly option to bring the warm glow of real candles into your home all while providing an extra layer of safety and savings on your electric bill.

Trust Your Local Electrical Pros

Patriot Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. have the expert answers for all your plumbing, heating, HVAC, and electrical needs. Serving the Wenatchee, Washington area, they provide comprehensive diagnoses, 24/7 servicing, flat-rate pricing, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.