2019 Holiday Lights Done Right (Eco-Friendly Living)

Holiday Lights With Eco-Friendly Cheer

The holidays are officially upon us, and with the season comes a world of decorating, decor, and holiday lighting. It’s no doubt that these festive decorations add a warm glow and cheerful spirit to the season. But with so much of the decor using excess amounts of energy, it’s time to start thinking smarter and more eco-friendly.

It’s not impossible to decorate in a way that helps save the planet and your pocketbook. Read on for the best eco-friendly lighting tips that will also help save you money.

Festive LED Indoor Lights

led indoor lightsOne of the best ways to cut down on electricity use is by swapping out old Christmas bulbs for eco-friendly LED options. You can find LED lighting offered for any lighting need, from Christmas signage to twinkle lights for your windows to lightbulb strands for your trees. LED lighting has many benefits.

It’s safer than traditional bulbs because it puts out less heat, so if you have pets or little hands in your house, you won’t have to worry about them accidentally brushing up against your light strands.

LED lighting is also cost-effective as they use much less energy, saving you on electricity bills all season long. If you enjoy lighting up the inside of your house, swapping out your old bulbs for LED options is a great way to go.

Solar Powered Lights Work Too

During the holidays, outdoor lighting is especially needed. Whether you want to light up your driveway for your guests, line your walkway, or light up the side of your house to add some holiday cheer, lighting is an essential part of your decor. So how can you make your outdoor lighting eco-friendly? By using solar power lights.

solar powered lights

These lights will soak up light and energy from the sun during the day and will automatically power on during nighttime hours. Solar-powered lights are efficient, function, put out plenty of light during the night, and save you on your energy bills. Outdoor lighting alone can save you hundreds of dollars during the holiday. Solar-powered lighting can be purchased at most major retailers, making them affordable options to swap out for old plug-in options.

Go for a Rustic Look With Candles

led candlesA third method of making your holiday decor eco-friendly is by swapping out your wax candles for LED candles. These are safe alternatives, especially if you have pets or children. LED candles to eliminate the worry of wax getting spilled or someone getting burnt.

LED options are designed to look like real candles and even flicker, glow bright or dim depending on the setting. These come in every shape and size you might need from large round votives to tall and slender taper candles.

If you need outdoor-friendly options, some candles are produced to withstand the outside elements. Light Emitting Diode candles are a fantastic eco-friendly option to bring the warm glow of real candles into your home all while providing an extra layer of safety and savings on your electric bill.

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