Install Childproof Outlets to Make Your Home Safer

Keep Children Safe With Tamper-Resistant Outlets

When parents childproof their homes to protect their young children, there is a reason preventing them from sticking items in electrical outlets tops the list. Kids are often drawn to outlets because they are at eye level when crawling or playing on the floor, which can be extremely dangerous.

Each year, around 2,400 children are injured by electrical outlets, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. Electrical outlets can cause shocks, burns, and even electrocution. Parents can help avoid these problems by installing childproof outlets. These will protect their children and prevent them from sticking objects into outlets. This post will discuss tamper-resistant receptacles and their benefits.

How Do Childproof Outlets Work?

Childproof outlets are necessary for homes with young children, but what is a tamper-resistant outlet? Tamper-resistant outlets have built-in safety mechanisms to make them childproof. They have self-closing covers to protect children, making it different for children to place objects in outlets.

More technically put, the outlets often have spring-loaded shutters. These covers remain closed unless there is equal pressure applied to both shutters at the same time. If those shutters are not engaged simultaneously, they will not open. This makes it difficult for children to insert objects into the outlets. While plugs will be inserted so both shutters open at the same time, it’s difficult for toys or other items a toddler would stick in an outlet to engage both slots simultaneously.

Benefits of Childproof Outlets

benefits of childproof outletsWhen toddler parents shop for childproof outlet covers and childproofing devices, they have many options. And some of them might not even be safe options. Popular options of outlet plugs or caps can be choking hazards if a child removes them. Childproof outlets offer parents a safer solution.

The shutters prevent toddlers from sticking toys and other objects into the slots, reducing the risk of electrical shocks and injuries while not being a removable choking hazard. These outlets offer protection against electrical hazards and give parents a convenient and easy way to protect their kids without needing to purchase and add outlet plugs to each outlet.

Signs to Replace an Old Outlet

signs to replace an old outletFor outlets to work correctly, homeowners must replace them if they malfunction. Some signs that can indicate the need to install new outlets are:

  • The outlets are damaged or show signs of wear and tear, including cracked faceplates.
  • The outlet has loose connections and the plugs are falling out.
  • The outlet only provides intermittent power.
  • The outlet is hot to the touch.
  • The outlet is old, and it’s time to replace it.

If any of these issues are detected, an electrician should be called to perform outlet replacement services.

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