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When you have issues with your plumbing system, one of the best ways to ensure you get a positive result with the repair is for the technician to be able to see inside your pipes. With sewer video inspection, the experts at Patriot Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. can get a real-time view of what’s happening inside your pipes to decide on the most effective action.

Homeowners in Wenatchee, WA trust us to take care of their plumbing issues because of our stellar track record and exceptional customer service. We will always show up on time and will offer the lowest priced solution, no matter what. We also promise every customer that we will leave their home cleaner than we found it, and our flat-rate pricing policy provides ultimate peace of mind.

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Video Camera Inspection Basics

When you have a video camera inspection to assess the health of your pipes, our technician will use a flexible rod with a camera attached to the end to snake through the pipes. The camera is connected to a monitor, and we can see what is happening inside the pipe in real time. The video results will show the technician where the obstruction is, so we can know exactly which service is needed to get the job done.

Sewer Video Inspection Benefits

When you have a sewer video inspection performed by one of our experts, you will get several benefits that weren’t available before this service came into use. Some of the most common benefits of video camera inspection include:

  • Saves time by eliminating guesswork when making repairs
  • Saves money because there is no need for trial and error to find the source of the problem
  • Ensures the correct action is taken right from the start, potentially reducing damage to your home
  • May discover previously unknown problems before they turn into something serious
  • Could find items like jewelry that have been lost in the sewer line

What Issues Can Video Inspection Find?

There can be a multitude of different causes of clogged pipes in your home, and when you have a video inspection performed, you’ll be able to find issues that include corroded pipes, punctures or ruptures in the pipe, grease buildup, pipes that have become misaligned, root systems that have grown into pipes, and any blockages from non-water-soluble items.

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