March Madness: Three Tips For Winning Against Indoor Air Pollution

Spring has arrived – while most people welcome the longer days and warmer weather, if you find yourself going crazy from pollen and other allergens in the air, you’re not alone. Everyone reacts to allergens and pollutants differently. And allergens, along with other pollutants, aren’t just problems you encounter outdoors.

They affect indoor air quality as well – and sometimes indoor air quality is even worse than outdoor air quality! Poor air quality can seriously damage your health by irritating your eyes, nose, and throat and aggravating respiratory conditions like asthma. Interested in how you can protect your health? Here are three quick tips for reducing indoor air pollution.

Consider Carpooling
carpool Most people don’t think about the relationship between outdoor air quality and indoor quality, but they’re actually closely related. Especially in heavily polluted areas, pollutants can make their way indoors through windows, doors, and cracks in your home.

Indoors, these pollutants can become an even bigger problem, as your HVAC system might not be equipped to handle both indoor and outdoor issues. While keeping your home well-ventilated can help circulate fresh air and reduce the concentration of pollutants indoors, sometimes this results in even more pollutants entering your home.

Since most people spend most of their time indoors, this can become a serious health problem. While you’re thinking of how to improve indoor air quality, it’s important to also take steps to reduce outdoor air pollution as well. You can do your part by carpooling, walking or taking public transportation.

Cut Down on Indoor Smoking
no indoor smoking Another tip for improving indoor air quality is to keep smoking outdoors. Smoking is a bad habit not only for your lungs. If you or others do smoke regularly in your home, it can have a serious effect on your home’s indoor air quality.

Secondhand smoke is a harmful pollutant and tends to move from room to room, putting everyone in your home at risk, no matter where you do it.

It’s particularly harmful to those who suffer from asthma and other respiratory conditions. Limiting smoking to outdoors is a simple way to make sure the air in your home is as clean as possible.
Clean Your Dehumidifier

clean dehumidifier This last tip may surprise you. Dehumidifiers can be great for improving air quality by eliminating odors and preventing the growth of mold or mildew in your home.

However – believe it or not – your dehumidifier can also be the source of indoor pollutants, pollutants that could be prevented with better cleaning or constant filter replacements.

Dehumidifiers collect dirt, bacteria, and mold quickly, so it’s important that you clean them regularly. This will also lengthen the life of your dehumidifier and help make sure it’s operating efficiently. You should clean your dehumidifier regularly, and spring is the perfect time to check your dehumidifier so you can be ready to enjoy the summer months.

If you need assistance maintaining your humidifier, consider contacting an HVAC professional. Make sure March Madness doesn’t wreak havoc on your HVAC system, or your health. Call Patriot Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. at (509) 662-6262 today.

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