Is your house ready for the long season ahead?

Baseball season for the Mariners officially starts March 30, but spring training is where it all begins. That’s where the players get into true game shape, putting in the work to prepare for the long season that extends through summer and into fall—late fall, we hope!

Now, you’re probably not a professional baseball player, and your home probably isn’t a giant ballpark with loud pink lighting (if you haven’t seen the T-Mobile Park lights, they’re seriously pink, and seriously loud). But if you want your home to perform well throughout the year, well, it probably needs a bit of spring training, too.

Consider the experts at Patriot your coaches and trainers: We’re the people who can help put you in a position to succeed—and the people who fix issues when they pop up here and there.

So what should you be doing to get your home ready to be at its best when it matters most? Read on for a few tips.

Think about your filters—and maybe an air-filtration system.

We talk about filters all the time, because changing them regularly is one of the best things you can do in terms of preventive maintenance. A dirty, clogged air-intake filter will make your HVAC system work harder, can reduce its effectiveness, and might even lead to equipment trouble. Nobody wants that, especially when summer rolls around. Put a reminder in your calendar to look at your filter every month or two—and change it when it’s dirty (or every 90 days at the most).

Filters are even more important when fire season hits, because a lot of things are floating around in the air at that time of year. Of course, you don’t just want to prevent those things from getting to your furnace—you don’t want to breathe them yourself. That’s where an air-filtration system for your home can help. Our professionals can talk to you about your options, but don’t wait until summer, because that’s when everyone else starts thinking about their air!

Do a little spring cleaning—or a lot.

Your filters aren’t the only things that get dirty—dust can accumulate on and in your registers and vents, and leaves and other debris can get into your outside equipment. So grab the duster, or the vacuum, or the blower, and clear that stuff out! (It’s not a bad idea to dust the rest of the house at that point, because all of that stuff gets into your air, too.) You just might find that the air inside is a little less musty, especially when your AC or heat is running, and your equipment might perform a little better as well.

Head into the trainer’s room—or let the trainers come to you!

To stay in prime shape, professional athletes have trainers who do everything from providing workout plans and stretching programs to treating injuries. The pros at Patriot do the same thing—our maintenance services can help keep your equipment in peak form, and should something break down, we’ll diagnose the issue and offer treatment options.

Don’t wait until summer to get your house in playing shape! To make sure your system is ready for the season ahead, schedule a check-up with Patriot at 509-662-6262.

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