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On those cold winter nights in Wenatchee, WA, your home’s heating system takes on added significance. The last you want is to be left without heat, which is why having access to a reputable heating expert is so important. The pros at Patriot Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. provide heating replacement services you can count on.

We also take our customer service to the next level by offering 24-hour emergency services and a flat-rate pricing policy that’s designed to give you peace of mind about our billing. We will also make a point of recommending the least expensive option and always promise to leave your home cleaner than when we started work.

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Is It Time for a New Heater?

As your heater continues to get older, the need for a heating replacement will keep growing. If your system is between 10 and 15 years old, then it might be time to consider a heater replacement. Older systems that require regular repairs will drain your money, but getting a new system installed will end up saving you money on your monthly bills because it is more energy efficient. If you can’t find replacement parts for your older heater, or if your heating bills keep climbing, there are other signs you need a heater replacement.

Tips for Saving on Your Heating Bills

Prevention is the key to good health for people and to the health of your heating system. You can save money on your heating bills by scheduling regular maintenance visits from our experts. If one of our technicians comes in shortly before the colder months, any minor issues will be dealt with, and your heater will run efficiently throughout the winter. This way, the performance of your heater will shine when you need it most.

Reasons to Avoid DIY Heater Installation

It’s important to find a reputable service provider when you need a heater replacement and to avoid the DIY approach. Proper installation is important to avoid needing costly repairs in the near future and to stick to local building codes. The professionals at Patriot Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. have the experience and the troubleshooting skills to take care of any issue that might come up. Plus, all of your warranties will still be intact, and you can enjoy your new heating system for years to come.

Take advantage of our 24-hour services the next time an emergency strikes!

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