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Heat for your gutters—and help for your holiday lights

Although we’re still in the middle of fall, we’ve already had a bit of winter-style weather—yes, we felt the freezing temperatures and even saw a little snow, all before we even got to Halloween!

Of course, it’s not unusual for Mother Nature to play a few autumn tricks on us here in the Wenatchee Valley. But every year, the first cold snap and flurries should serve as good reminders about the problems snow and ice can cause for homeowners.

Ice dams are among the most serious of those problems, and even though we’re still a few months away from when they become more common, it’s a great time to take steps to prevent them. And Patriot is here to help!

What is an ice dam?

An ice dam forms when ice on your roof blocks meltwater from flowing all the way down your roof. First, heat escaping from your home raises the temperature in spots on the roof, causing snow to melt. However, when that water hits an area that is still freezing, it creates ice buildup, which then blocks the rest of the water. With nowhere else to go, it can seep beneath your roof and into your interior, creating all kinds of headaches—including a potential insurance claim. (And if you can avoid it, you don’t want your homeowners insurance to show a water-damage claim.)

There’s good news, though: Heated gutter cables can help prevent ice dams from forming along the edge of your roof, or minimize water buildup if one does form nearby. (It’s important to watch for dams higher on your roof, though.) Additionally, by preventing ice from clogging your downspouts and weighing down your gutters, these cables also reduce the risk of them tearing away from your house. They are safe, effective, and we can install them quickly. Our financing options make them affordable for any budget, too.

Why is now the right time?

February and March are when we see the most ice dams, thanks to late-season temperature fluctuations, but we think November is ideal for installing heated cables. Why?

First, ice dams can happen anytime there is winter snow and ice, not just in February and March. It’s best to be prepared for anything. And second, we typically install power outlets under your eaves for the cables—which means you’ll also have those convenient outlets just in time for putting up your holiday lights. So you can say goodbye to those extension cords hanging down and running across the porch! (For some of our customers, we suspect that benefit is just as important as addressing the risk of ice dams, actually.)

Let’s talk!

Want to learn more about gutter heating? Interested in outlets that make it simple to connect your holiday lights? Give Patriot a call at 509-662-6262—and give your home a hug—today!