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Four reasons customers love Patriot

We’re used to being behind the scenes—when our work is done right, it’s just part of your life, not something you notice all that often. The house is warm (or cool). The lights illuminate your room, or your back yard. The garbage disposal turns on when you flip the switch. You know, all the things that work seamlessly in the background.

Until they don’t work seamlessly, that is. Then, whatever the issue is becomes one of the most important things in your life. That’s where we come in. We also do preventive maintenance and help with new projects, of course, but a lot of our calls are for these “fixes.” And our responses to them are what tend to stick in peoples’ minds.

Here are four reasons our customers love us—and why we think you’ll love us, too.

• We won’t surprise you. Maybe the only thing worse than a surprise leak or HVAC failure is a bill at the end that contains surprises, too. We avoid that by bidding every job and providing an estimate for the work, rather than charging by the hour. We’ll outline your options, so you can make informed choices ahead of time and know what your cost will be, instead of feeling pressured with “upgrades” or other decisions during the project or repair itself.

• We’ll handle more than just the work. Have you ever purchased a product with a mail-in rebate, and then completely forgotten to apply for the rebate? That won’t happen with Patriot—if there’s a rebate for an appliance you purchase through us, from the manufacturer, PUD, or anybody else, we’ll submit the application for you. It’ll be done correctly and on time, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

• We provide flexible payment options. Whether it’s a big project like installing a new furnace or heat pump, or a smaller issue such as adding outlets under your eaves and placing gutter cables, we offer financing for any project $500 and above. Depending on your credit, you might be eligible for 90 days or even 6 months at 0% APR, while longer-term payments are available as well—energy smart loans can be as low as 4.5% APR for 15 years. These options can be a great way to get a more energy-efficient (and more reliable) system at a lower up-front cost.

• We guarantee our work. We aren’t happy until you’re happy, and that means doing whatever it takes. We’ll never make you feel bad for bringing up an issue—we want to know if you aren’t satisfied, so we can make it right.

As always, you shouldn’t take our word for it (or any company’s word for it, really). We encourage all of our potential customers to check out reviews and ask their friends for recommendations. Here are just a few things our satisfied clients have said in the past couple of months:

Very impressed with their professionalism, knowledge—a real joy to work with and have in our home.”

They came with a few water heater options and I was able to find the right deal for my needs.”

We expected to pay a premium for a Saturday service call, but the overall price was fair and their service was outstanding. Highly recommend!

If that sounds like a company you’d like to work with, we’d like to talk to you! Give Patriot a call at 509-662-6262 today.