Avoid These Electrical Hazards

The invention of electricity revolutionized not only our entire world, but also our personal lives and our residences. Most of us use electricity in our homes for everything from lighting and heating, to watching TV and relaxing.

And while electricity has made our lives more comfortable, and fun, electricity can also be dangerous, too, especially if something has gone wrong and needs repair.

Electrical hazards should be avoided at all cost by the average homeowner and layperson, since electricity carries with it the possibility of electrical shock, injury, and even death. We’re going to walk you through some hazards to avoid and how best to address them if they’re an issue in your home.

Electric Circuits Are Everywhere

electric circuit Not only is electricity in our homes and appliances, but it also runs through our own bodies. Human beings have their own personal electrical current that keeps our heart beating and our bodies functioning, which is why electrical shocks can be so dangerous to us.

Some electrical shocks are minor. If you have an appliance that hasn’t been grounded properly for example, like a chest freezer, then touching the appliance may give you a shock. It will feel like a strange shaking and possibly pain that happens to the part of you that touches the appliance.

This is the electric shock, and depending on how powerful it is will determine how serious the shock is and the level of pain. Even mild shocks, though, are unpleasant, so if you have an appliance that isn’t grounded, contact a professional to fix the situation and prevent future shocks from happening.
Avoid Electrical Burns

electrical burn When an electric shock happens, it can sometimes be powerful enough to cause a burn. Electrical burns are different from chemical or heat burns.

They’re caused when electricity enters and then passes through the body. If the current is strong enough it can cause burns, especially where the current enters, and then leaves the body.

Because these burns are caused by electricity being in the body, they typically cause more damage to parts of the body under the skin. Electrical burns can be serious, so if you experience one, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible, because they are often worse than they appear.
Unplug Your Home

unplug Finally, one of the biggest hazards caused by electricity in our homes is the risk of fire. The electrical currents passing through our appliances or forms of entertainment cause the unit to heat up, even when they’re not being actively used.

And whenever there’s heat, there’s the possibility of fire. Luckily there’s an easy solution for this hazard, something any homeowner can do on their own: unplugging appliances.

If you unplug your TVs, game systems, toasters, coffee makers, etc, when not in use, it can significantly lower your risk of experiencing a fire caused by electricity. So unplug your appliances and keep you and your home safer.

Electrical issues at home can be frightening, and while you may have a desire to try and solve the issue yourself, electrical hazards can cause everything from mild shocks to burns, fires, and even death, so it’s always best to leave them to a professional. At Patriot Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. we’re here to help you address any and all your concerns and electrical hazards, keeping your residence safe and sound.

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