Reliable Wenatchee Air Handler Services

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When residents of Wenatchee, WA have issues with their air conditioning systems, many trust Patriot Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. to find a solution. Your AC is a complex piece of equipment, and many things could be at the heart of the problem. Quite often, the issue lies in the air handler, and we have the experience and the technicians to get it running again as soon as possible.

When you decide to give us a call for air handler repair or air handler installation, we will closely inspect your AC unit and will always suggest the least expensive service option. Our flat-rate pricing model means that you will never have to see unexpected costs on your bill, and we promise to leave your home cleaner than we found it when we arrived.

About Your Air Handler

Your air handler is a crucial part of your AC system, even though most homeowners likely wouldn’t be able to point it out. It looks like a small metal box that is attached to the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system. Inside the box are a handful of components that are crucial for keeping your AC running at a high level. These include dampers, filters, sound attenuators, and fans. If any one of these parts stops working, then you’ll need air handler repair or air handler replacement to get it going again.

Air Handler Issues to Watch For

When you have a problem with your air handler, you will usually notice performance issues with your system. Some of the causes may be an electrical malfunction within the air handler, mold growth, or a build-up of dust and dirt because it hasn’t been properly maintained. As soon as you notice any signs of trouble, give us a call, so we can provide you with a solution.

Benefits of Professional Air Handler Service

Trying to DIY your air handler repair or air handler installation may work for the odd homeowner, but for the vast majority of cases, it’s something that should be handled by professionals. The experts at Patriot Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. have a wide range of AC experience, and we will be able to quickly determine the issue and make the necessary repairs. Having a professional take control of your air handler service also ensures any warranties stay intact and that you won’t need follow-up service calls to correct any mistakes.

Is your AC working too hard to keep the house cool? You may need an AC filter replacement!

Don’t get stressed if your AC system isn’t running as smoothly as you’d like. Just give the experts at Patriot Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. a call at 509-662-6262 for fast and affordable air handler services in the Wenatchee, WA area.