A super offer in honor of the big game

Most people think February is the month for romance—and judging by the selection of cards and chocolates at the grocery store, well, it’s hard to argue with that notion.

That doesn’t mean we think it should be, though. First, it’s a lot better to surprise your spouse or partner with romantic flowers or candy when they aren’t expecting it (trust us on this). And second, who has time for romance when the big game is just around the corner?

Yes, we love football at Patriot—so while we usually talk about giving your home a hug, this month we’re helping our customers TACKLE projects around the house.

Whoever wins, you win
We’re so pumped up for the game that if Chiefs wins, we’re giving everyone $20 off any Patriot service! And don’t worry, we’ll come up with a special offer if Eagles wins, too. (This just in: That special offer will be … $20 off any Patriot service.)

That means no matter who wins the game, you’re a winner either way. But more important, it means everyone in your house is a winner, because you’ll have a little more incentive to fix some of those things that have been annoying for a while. Faucets that drip? An old toilet that runs and runs every time until you jiggle the handle? A water heater that leaves people shivering in the shower?

Patriot’s plumbing pros can help with all that and more. And for HVAC and other projects, there are some great rebates through March that might save you way more than $20. (Check this out for information on how you could get thousands of dollars back on heat pumps, ductless systems, water heaters, and more.)

It all starts with a call to 509-662-6262. Here’s to a great game!

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